Jetstream 31 version 2.1


The BAe Jetstream 31 is the first turboprop panel I've made for the BAe Panel Project. I'm working on the Jetstream 31 Panel now since April 2002! You may now ask why I need such a long time for a simple turboprop panel. Well, it's easy to explain. After I had programmed all gauges for this panel I was  a little angry about the fact that the Flightsimulator did not match real and typical turboprop characteristics. Starting a turboprop in the Flightsimulator is like starting a Cessna 172. I've completely missed the 20 seconds discomposure when starting the engines. I've missed the real reaction of the engines in an engine stall, or when the engines are overheated, overtorqued or overloaded. There was also no possibility to simulate any overcurrent or reverse current. However all those things which are typical components of a turboprop and make the handling of it so exciting. So since a couple of months I'm just working on those procedures to simulate it with the goal to create a generally turboprop procedural trainer.





The following things are realized in the panel:


-    Complete hydraulic system (Flaps, Brakes, Elevator, Rudder, Aileron,….)

-    Complete electric system including essential and non essential busses

-    Real working antenna bus for all radios and connected instruments

-    Complete fuel system including X-feed

-    Complete automatic engine management

-    Automatic and manual starters

-    Real TPE-331 manual engine start-up

-    Unfeathering

-    Honeywell autopilot (which do not base on the FS autopilot)

-    HSI Nav1 AND Nav2 mode (switchable)

-    Real Collins radios with storage functions

-    Pressurization system

-    Prop (long and short cycle), windshield, elevator and engine Deice

-    Fire warning and emergency engine stop

-    Manual battery charging only with transfer mode

-    IEC and TTL computers

-    All annunciators including test and working day/night modes

-    All cockpit inside views


Not realized will be the Air conditioning and cabin temperature controls as they make no sense and weren’t supported by the Flight simulator.



The following malfunctions are realized in the panel:


-    Hot-starts

-    Wet-starts

-    Hung-starts

-    Engine stall

-    Overtemperature

-    Overtorque

-    Oil leaking caused by oil overtemperature with closed cooling flaps

-    Battery faults caused by reverse current

-    Overcurrent


The included complete manual includes also the emergency procedures (emergency checklists) for each malfunction. I did not include randomly faults (they could be done with the standard Flightsimulator realism and system faults settings). All of the above listed and included malfunctions are just those one which are caused by thoughtless operation or wrong handling by the Pilot. So if you exactly observe the limitations of the aircraft and follow the checklists precisely you may never recognize any of those faults. But because of possibility now to simulate hot-, wet- and hung-starts you will have the above written 20 second kick when starting the engine. BTW: hot-starts are also in reality the most happened faults caused by the Pilot while starting a Turboprop engine.


Jetstream 31 panel previews


Main panel Pedestal panel Overhead panel At night
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Some more Jetstream 31 panel details


The radios

The weather radar

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This weather radar preview shows just a few of the possible radar windows and radar settings.



Hopefully you will never see this red warning light combination (the left engine side) in flight!




The Jetstream 31 panel is made for FS2002 and FS2004. Because of a small limitation of FS2002 it was necessary to realize a separate version for each simulator. Please take care that you use the correct on as the FS2002 version will make problems in FS2004 and the FS2004 version will mke some problems in FS2002.




Description BAe Jetstream 31 Panel version 2.0 for FS2002. Please search and download the file from the above websites until I could add a downloadlink here. FS2002 Update to verson 2.1 and all cockpit inside views. Version 2.0 of the J31 panel ( is required for this update. BAe Jetstream 31 Panel version 2.0 for FS2004. FS2004 Update to verson 2.1 and all cockpit inside views. Version 2.0 of the J31 panel ( is required for this update.