BAe 146 Panel Version 4.0 / 4.1


Version 4.1 is the newest BAe 146 panel for FSX. Like version 4.0 for FS2004 it contents many revisions. The complete autopilot (AFGS) for example is fully reworked and I finally could realize the TMS (Thrust Modulation System) now which was promised since a long time. Beside the many detail improvements, the possibility of storing the switch positions and system configuration is a big step forward. Due to this expansion the Cold and Dark cockpit is dropped completely. The plane and panel will now always load like it was left before. Except the still missing GNS (FMS), all reworked parts and new components of the panel base exactly on the real cockpit. Since now all systems and their interactions in operation and function are realized, the panel has grown up to a system trainer. Of course this requires a certain training. However, you should be able to handle all the systems in this panel and in the real aircraft after an intensive study of this manual.





A big improvement of the new panel is the now simulated controlling of the lift- and roll spoilers which was not able in earlier versions. The spoilers could be controlled now with the lower position of the airbrake handle in the pedestal panel (like in the real aircraft). Additionally to the complete controlling, I've also added all necessary warning lights and information for those spoilers, like the lift spoiler caution lamp in the glareshield panel. Of course they also work like in the real aircraft.


Further innovations are the new ground test unit, the fully functional fire handles, the completely revised pressurization system, completely new cockpit inside sounds, a completely new EGPWS, the speedbugs of the airspeed indicator and several other things. The pedestal panel is completely new done. It corresponds now visually and functionally to the real pedestal panel. Some examples are the new audio unit, the functional moving map / weather radar and the new braking temperature gauge.


Beside the mentioned news, version 4.0 and 4.1 contents all things of version 3.0. Here is a very small list of the new panel functions which is not complete of course:


-††† All panel parts reflect the real cockpit

-    FSUIPC not required

-    Enlargement of the primary gauges and warning systems

-    Sound system for all parts of the panel

-    Possibility to save the complete panel state

-    Complete electrical system including all busses and backup systems

-    Full working GPU (not just a dummy)

-    Complete hydraulic system including all backup systems

-    Pressurization system with realized auto and manual mode

-    Complete fuel system including all the feed tanks, fuel feed and fuel transfer

-    Complete cabin and flightdeck temperature controlling including all modes

-    Fully functional fire warning and fire protection system

-    Working ground test unit

-    Ground and flight starting like in the real aircraft

-    Full working AFGS (Automatic Flight Guidance System) including SYNC modes

-    Possibility to add key commands to the AFGS functions

-    Thrust Modulation System (TMS) (see description below)

-    Realistic working GPWS based on the functions of the real thing

-    Realistic controlling of the lift- and rollspoilers (including all warnings)

-    Enhanced warning system for all modes


and a lot of other things which I may forgot to mention here.



BAe 146 TMS





Version 4.0 and 4.1 contents now a full working TMS. The gauge is already programmed and all modes (TO, GA, MCT, TGT, DESC, SYNC, and TGT SYNC) work as they should. Compared to the ARJ's AT and it's TRP (Thrust Rating Panel), the TMS (Thrust Modulation System) is no full autothrottle. It is designed to reduce pilot workload by synchronising the engines to a selectable master engine or to a pre-computed TGT, N1 or N2. So all in all it's a simple type of autothrottle with authority limited to a maximum of +/- 1/2" on the throttle rods. It trims the engines to a pre-computed N1, N2 or TGT according to the phase of flight selected, eg. take-off, de-rated take-off, maximum climb, normal climb, cruise or descent.


BAe 146 Panel Previews



Main Panel

Overhead Panel

Pedestal Panel

Night Panel

External GPU connection by gauge

Enlargement of the primary gauges

Yoke with AP functions

TMS Panel

Click on Thumbnail for a larger image


BAe 146 FMS


Like the previous versions, version 4.0 and 4.1 unfortunately still did not have an own FMS. Nevertheless the AFGS system is programmed to work with separate GPS and FMS modules. The actual versions allows now controlling the lateral mode of the BAe 146 autopilot from an external Tool (like FSNavigator or VasFMC) or from a separate navigation Gauge and GPS. Most of those tools use the MS HDG function to control the lateral mode. To realize this, I've programmed the LNAV switch of the autopilot completely new. This switch opens now a door to all navigation tools using the heading hold function for controlling the aircraft. It was tested with the following navigation tools:



-    ACS-GPS

-    Vas FMC (Simple FMC)

-    Squawkbox 2.3 FMS

-    FSNavigator


and several other GPS gauges.


When you want to combine the BAe 146 panel with a realistic GNS-X, which is used in the real aircraft, I recommend to use Ernie Alston's GNSXLS, which base very close on the real GNS system. It could be found on the Integrated Simavionics site But take care - Ernie's GNS is not Freeware! Nevertheless you could combine his modules also with other aircraft types.



Specials of Version 4.1 for FSX


The Bae Panel Project is closed since July 2008 but I was working on a FSX BAe 146 panel since a longer time. When Iíve closed the project, Iíve promised you to release the already existing FSX version as a betaversion. It is not complete but after closing the BAe project I do not have the time to continue the work on it. Nevertheless the panel has a state which allows using it in FSX without any problem. Below is a list of the still existing bugs which will not be corrected. As you can see, those are not really important bugs. Anyway version 4.1 is and stays a betaversion:


Things which are corrected in FSX:


-    New Sound Gauge which prevents a FSX crash
-    Order of the panelbitmaps adapted for FSX
-    Completely reworked starters
-    Corrected IAS hold
-    Corrected thrust for some TMS commands
-    Inside views removed
-    Gauge text lights of several gauges reworked for FSX
-    MWS reworked for FSX
-    Brake temperature reworked


Things which are not corrected in FSX:

-    Galley switch is still labeled Gallery switch
-    One row is missing in the MWS when using the panel spotlight
-    Gauge background lights are always working
-    Flightstart did not work




Unfortunately version 4.0 and 4.1 of the BAe 146 panel is not compatible with FS2002. Also it is not possible to realize a separate version for the last sim. The reason is, that almost all of the new functions needs commands which are just available in FS2004 or newer. Because of this, it's also possible to download version 3.0 for FS2002 here on the site further on. I'm very sorry for this but hope that you have still fun with version 3.0 when still using FS2002.




BAe 146 panel version 4.1 for FSX

BAe 146 panel version 4.0 for FS2004

BAe 146 panel version 3.0 for FS2002

Patch 1 for the BAe 146 panel version 3.0 for FS2002




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