Avro ARJ Panel Version 4.2


Version 4.2 is the newest Avro panel I've done and the most complicated panel I've ever built since I'm designing panels. Like in the last BAe 146 panel, all systems are realistically converted. The handling of the systems, such as electrical, hydraulics, fuel and pressurization, corresponds almost completely the real cockpit handling. Of course all back-up systems are also realized. This was only possible because I have separated all systems from the standard Flight simulator functions and integrated my completely own systems. With this way I could realize a real battery life time of approx. 20 minutes, a real working APU and a GPU. But take care: Detached from the flight simulator doesn't mean an unlimited life time. All physical restrictions are integrated, i.e. the battery although discharges after 20 minutes if only the battery is in use and the APU only works as long as you have enough fuel in the tanks. If the generators or the APU generator is running you could charge the battery again like in reality.


The DFGS system doesn't operate like the standard autopilot. Like already described above, the DFGS corresponds to the real system why you must part with different habits to control the system correctly. This especially for the autothrottle and the thrust rating panel (TRP). Everything of this system takes getting used to but it corresponds to the real system. Also new is the almost complete functionality of the FADEC system which permanently monitors e.g. the limits of the jet engines and prevents excessive speeds and too high engine temperatures.


Because of the free time and the necessary expenditure, it was unfortunately not possibly to realize a new pedestal panel yet. This revision is carried out together with the planned FMS (GNS X). Together with this revision, also the two still missing ND modes Map (Flight plan) and WXR (weather radar) will come. But I finally need something to do for further versions.





Why two BAe 146 Panels?


The answer to this question is easy. The BAe 146 and Avro ARJ have two different cockpits. The older 146 uses just analog Instruments. The new Avro ARJ has newer Engines and a completely new Cockpit. So BAe 146 and Avro ARJ are not the same Aircraft!


Here is a small and not complete summary of the news of version 4.1:


-    Fully FS2004 compatibility

-    Completely new electrical system base exactly on the real aircraft

-    Real working APU, APU generator and GPU (no longer just dummies)

-    Real battery lifetime (about 20 minutes)

-    New and now fully complete overhead panel with all working systems

-    Real working engine and APU air system

-    Bleed system and working packs

-    Full working AC and DC pump and PTU

-    Full working hydraulical driven standby generator

-    Enlargement of the PFD, ND, engine instruments and MWS

-    Full working TRP with all modes

-    Realistic FADEC system

-    Completely new and now real working autopilot

-    Realistic fuel system with fully working X-Feed and fuel transfer based on the real system

-    Engine start-up exactly like in the real aircraft

-    New PFD and HSI

-    New engine instruments with included fuel used display and reset

-    Completely new annunciator panels

-    150 pages manual which is necessary to understand all the complex functions of the panel

-    Possibility to save the switch positions and cockpit configuration to an ini file (not for FS2002)


and a lot of other things.


The actual version 4.2 allows now controlling the lateral mode of the ARJ autopilot from an external Tool (like FSNavigator or VasFMC) or from a separate navigation Gauge and GPS. This was not possible with version 4.0 and 4.1. Most of those tools use the MS HDG function to control the lateral mode. To realize this, I've programmed the LNav switch of the MCP completely new. This switch opens now a door to all navigation tools using the heading hold function for controlling the aircraft. It was tested with the following vavigation tools:



-    ACS-GPS

-    Vas FMC (Simple FMC)

-    Squawkbox 2.3 FMS

-    FSNavigator


and several other GPS gauges.


Because of the complexity of the panel, it was necessary also to adapt the flight dynamics of the aircraft for this panel. Because of this, I've included a set of completely new flight dynamics for all currently available freeware models. Unfortunately the panel won't work without those new FDE's, so it's really necessaary to use them.


When you download the panel from the freeware servers, like Avsim, Flightsim or others, you will also get a completely new soundset for the BAe 146 and Avro ARJ. Those sounds are modified from Mark Cranston. Mark gave me his permission to upload his wonderful soundset together with the new panel. Unfortunately because of the big filesize, I couldn't offer the sounds on my own website. Here you just could download the panel (without aircraft sounds). If you are interested in the aircraft sounds too, you must download the file from the named freeware servers.


Unfortunately some of the new functions of the ARJ panel won't work in FS2002, why I have to make a separate version for the old simulator. In this version all systems will also work, but you didn't have an EGPWS and not the fully cockpit soundset (flightdeck fan for example) as with the FS2004 version. Another thing which was not possible to realize for FS2002 is the possibility to save the cockpit configuration and the switch positions. This only works in FS2004.


Avro ARJ Panel Previews



Main Panel

Overhead Panel

Pedestal Panel

Pressurization, RMI, OAT and TRP Panel


Gauge Enlargement

Click on Thumbnail for a larger image


Current Downloads


Because of the large filesize, the downloads from this website did not include the new aircraft sounds from Mark Cranston. If you would like to have also the very good new aircraft sounds from Mark, please download the panel from Avsim, Flightsim or FSNordic. 






Avro ARJ panel version 4.1 for FS2004


Update from version 4.0 to version 4.1 for FS2004 only!

Mlarjv42.zip Update from version 4.1 to version 4.2 for FS2004 only!
Mlarj4p1.zip Patch 1 for the ARJ panel version 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 for FS2004


Avro ARJ panel version 4.0 for FS2002

Mlarj2p1.zip Patch 1 for the ARJ panel version 4.0 for FS2002
ARJ40_Manual_French.zip French panel manual for version 4.0 (FS2002 and FS2004) by Didier Rivollet.


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